Update (2/23/16)

Been playing a bit within Reaper. I have been helping out a few of my friends get things setup properly within Reaper. I can only go as far as what I know but I help out others as much as I can. I have also been playing around with Impulse Responses. I always heard the term but never knew exactly what they were or how they worked. Thanks to some excellent blogs on the internet like Masters-of-Music.com, I found some excellent free IRs to play with.  There are so many free plugins out there to try out, it is amazing!  Some are better than others but you can’t complain too much when they are free.

Also, over the weekend I signed up for David Glenn Recording‘s free VIP mix bundle.  He gives you a couple multi track recording projects to test out your skills.  One project is a 3 track (1 vocal and 2 piano) song and the other is a massive 40 something track that I haven’t touched yet.  I dabbled with the 3 track song a bit.  It was my first vocal mix I have done and I have to say it is tough.  I am having some issues where what I hear while mixing doesn’t translate after I render it out.  I know I am doing something wrong but I need to play more to find out.  It is wonderful that David provides these tracks for free as do some other sites.  Recording Studio Rockstars does one over at mixmasterbundle.com but there aren’t vocals.  Lots of playing to be had.  Lots of learning which is always good as well.  Hope I can get at least one mix sounding decent soon though.


-The Saga


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