ReaPitch in REAPER

Yesterday I wanted to try something out in REAPER.  I wanted to see if I could detune my bass instead of physically turning the machine heads on the head stock.  I knew you could use pitch control for other things but I wanted to hear how it would sound in this case.  I only have a 4 sting bass so when someone wants to play something that is in drop B for instance, it makes it difficult to drop all the stings down 2 1/2 steps.  The tension isn’t quite the same and depending on how the guitar is setup, it might not hold tuning very well.  Here’s what I tried:

1st: I applied an Input FX to the track.  I applied the ReaPitch as an input FX and dropped the full range shift -5 semitones.


This sounded fine but there was a very noticable latency that made it hard to track with it that way.

2nd: I then tried recording in standard tuning.  If you are playing along to a song in different tuning it doesn’t work so well.  So I tracked a section in standard.  Then I went to the media item properties and adjusted the Pitch adjustment to -5.000000 while leaving the “Preserve pitch when changing rate” item checked.


I have to say, it did not sound bad.  After applying some amp sims it was sounding pretty good for going down that low.  I will experiment more with half steps and full steps.  Doing a drop D tuning isn’t bad but I was never a fan of constantly tuning up and down.  This might help until someone hands me a 5 string bass.

-The Saga


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