Update (11/19/15)

It has been a while since my last update so I felt it is time for me to write something down.  Mixing has been minimal.  My current project is on hold until at least after this weekend.  I have been gaining some knowledge in the likes of recording as well at other things.  I ended up selling some gear that wasn’t being used and I picked up a bass guitar.  I wanted one for a while since it has been over a decade since I last had one.  My gear has been getting greater in terms of means to record so that is always nice.

I have been messing around a little bit with the mic to see how it sounds.  I recorded a review of a guitar pick using the mic and did a little acoustic guitar recording but also some basic testing.  I don’t get many opportunities to record with the mic due to the noise of my surroundings.

On another side note, I got back the room analysis from Auralex about my basement that I sent in back in October.  It came back a lot different from I imagined but that is why they are the pros.  Since I sent in the analysis, I have changed the layout of my basement so I wouldn’t apply now so if I ever get the money to do so (or if my wife would even allow it), I would have to send it back for re-review.

Anywho…as of now I have just been playing a little bass and laying down a little MIDI drums.  I am working on a cover song to play with so I will post it if and when I complete it.  Let’s see how quickly I can lay down the acoustic guitar and maybe (if I am up to it) the vocals!!  Right now I am looking forward to tomorrow (11-20-15) as I will be going to catch a live show of the band I have been “working” with.  Rock on!


-The Saga


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