Update (10/25/15)

Not much has been happening over the past few days. Since I am new and basically testing out ways to do things, I am going through a lot of trial and error. I have mainly been focusing on the drums as that may be the only part from the recording that will be kept. I am having a problem with the snare drum tone. There is a ringing from it that I don’t like. I have been trying various different ways to reduce it without much luck.

My brain has been branded with the “get it right at the source” motto and that you will most likely not be able to fix a bad recording but I am trying. I have since tried adding a sampled snare drum to the mix. I used a gate on the original snare track to trigger a MIDI note on another track that is running EZDrummer 2. I mixed in both snares and it seems to help the most but sending a rough copy of the progress, I’m not sure how the clients feel about it. More trial and error will be had. I hope we don’t have to rerecord the drum tracks as I personally can’t handle that due to gear restrictions. A sit down with the band will need to be had soon to get on the same page with the expectations.

-The Saga


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