Editing, Editing and more Editing

Last night I spent a little bit of time on the one tune I was working on.  I did some organization of sections with some labeling for reference and then spent some time editing the drum tracks.  There is so much bleed on these tracks.  I’m not sure how normal that is but without being at the studio during the recording session, it’s hard to say.  Could be lack of technique of mic placement and I guess it could be the mics or room.  All I knew is that I needed to get some of it cleaned up to gain some headroom and get a cleaner sound.

I began with the kick drum.  There was a lot of snare coming through so I used a gate to alleviate most of that unwanted noise.  On the hi hat track there was tons of full kit sound.  I chopped up the track to remove the parts where the hats weren’t even being played and left only the sections of hi hats that were actually hit.  I did this the other day with the toms and percussion tracks.  Doing this alone seemed to help with some of the muddiness but obviously not all of it.

Another thing I did was ended up muting the room mic in the mix.  I did not really play with EQ on it but just simply “removing” it from the mix helped clean up the sound.

During my time last night I also muted some sections of tambourine more on a production standpoint.  I felt it was a bit too much and repetitive in parts so cutting up the sections and muting parts helped with the feel of the song (in my opinion) a bit.

A nice thing about everything I did tonight was nothing was permanent.  Since I muted the tracks or chopped up sections, everything is there in one form or another so it can be added back if necessary.

On a side not, I picked up Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio from my local library based off of a recommendation from Graham Cochrane.  I just started reading it this morning and I am already impressed with the information provided.  I like that it is geared for the home studio as well.  More to come on that later.

-The Saga


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