Yesterday’s Session (10-18-15)

My 2 buddies came over today to work on a few things. These are the guys in the band that I am starting to work with for recording and mixing their tunes. This session was to work on a few things. The drummer (Steve) wanted to see how I worked with EZDrummer in REAPER. I find it awesome that he has been working in the same DAW as me (and so many others) and also with the same software for sampling drums. Before anyone who is reading this gets on a rant about sampling drums, it’s a writing tool first and foremost and it just has great sounds to replace your standard electronic drum kits sounds with. Both Steve and I use it in similar ways by not using the MIDI grooves but by just taking the sounds to help take tracks to the next level.

I went over some of how I set up REAPER and work within the MIDI editor. I may have gone a bit too fast or over his head for now but we can always work on it further in the future. After showing him how I do what I do, we laid down some guitar tracks with Jimmy. They had wrote a new song they wanted to lay down a rough demo track for. We were just going to record direct with amp sims. Jimmy was using his new Les Paul for this session and it was the first time he had been plugged into anything. Although we were on old monitors and using amp sims, I have to say it sounded pretty good.


As far as the recoding went, I seemed to get the gain staging somewhat OK on the guitar tracks. I was using a Marshall JCM900 amp sim for the guitar tracks but I was unable to get a bass rig sim since I am without internet at the house for a couple weeks. Long story. We went with just the direct sound for such a great sounding bass. It worked for what we were doing. I did get some practice with dealing with different takes as well as punching in and out to help lay down a decent track. We got the rhythm, solo and bass tracked.  Now onto the drums.


Steve wanted to lay down some basic drums with my MIDI controller. It also gave me a chance to play with some different recording methods with recording the drums. We did some various types of punching and overdubbing with the MIDI drums to lay down a basic pass through. I got to show Steve some basic editing within the MIDI editor but more needs to be done.

All in all it was a super fun few hours of teaching and tracking with some buddies. After a few hours and a few more beers, we got the parts tracked for a song for demonstration purposes. It gives me some stuff to play with for editing and some basic mixing if I want to go that far with it.

Another piece of tonight was I got the hard drive back with the Pro Tools session from the tracking they did at the studio. I took a 10 second glance at it to see if it looked legit and it seemed OK. I have to work with that to see if I can get if converted to REAPER sessions or just grab the WAV files and make a new session all together. Finally some material to work with. Here’s to beginning my journey. 🍺

-The Saga


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