Well….what now?

So what now? I have pretty much gotten up to date with what got me into mixing as well as what I have done so far (which is not much).  Mostly I have been watching and reading mixing and recording tutorials.  There is so much great information out there that I need to now implement.  Joe Gilder talked about procrastination in one of his podcasts that kind of hit home a little bit.  I have been learning and not doing much.  There is somewhat of a reason behind that though so allow me to catch you up a bit.

I have been in talks with my buddy (who I recorded his guitar solo not long ago) about his band.  They went into a paid studio and tracked 4 songs.  They got the drums, bass and some “scratch” guitars laid out.  From what he tells me, they really don’t like dealing with the engineer there.


I asked him if he would allow me to mix his tracks.  He gave me the go ahead but there was a problem, well a few actually but the session was recorded in Pro Tools.  One positive is that they only recorded the tracks so no mixing has been done at all.  All I really need it the individual tracks to import into REAPER.  Now just to figure out exactly how to do that.  I put out my predicament out onto the REAPER forums and I got a response back from a software engineer who has a piece of software that can convert different DAW session file types into other versions (i.e. Pro Tools to REAPER).  One problem is that the software is a couple hundred bucks and I only need to do it this one time.  He offered up the ability to do it for free but I need to touch base with him once I actually get the session.  Yup, still waiting for the sessions after a few weeks.  The studio wanted a flash drive to get the session.  I was hoping he could upload it to Dropbox or something but oh well.  The band should have their session in hand by tonight.

Next thing that needs to happen is from what I have been told, the bass guitars probably need to be re-tracked because he was not happy with the way the studio recorded his rig.  I will have to wait and see one that.  Hopefully the drums are good to go because I don’t have an interface that can handle recording the kit properly.  Lastly, guitars and vocals need to be tracked properly.  This I should be able to handle with my current gear.  Oh wait…I don’t own a microphone.  

-Insert awesome friend reference-

As briefly discussed and yet to be finalized, a condenser mic for vocals is supposed to be purchased for me to use to track with (and possibly keep as “payment”).  The bass player apparently has a few Shure SM57s to mic up some guitar cabinets with if needed.  

I have a couple of the members coming over to my place this weekend to work on some things and for me to actually get the original session in my hand to see what I can salvage from it.  Worst comes to worst, I can purchase an iLok and download a trial of Pro Tools and export the stems (at least I think I can).  I am anxiously waiting for this project to officially kick off and for me to start getting my hands dirty with mixing and recording these tunes.  I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and now it is time for me to put my knowledge to use and hopefully not turn this project into a complete train wreck.  

-The Saga


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