Some of My Learning Resources

I am so thankful that I live in a world with Google and YouTube.  I am sure that many of you are thankful for that as well.  What I am even more thankful for is that there are human beings out there that are willing to take the time out of their lives to record or document resources to help people like myself.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Some people get the chance to go to school and others like myself don’t.  I didn’t even go to college.  It wasn’t something I ever thought about doing back in high school.  All I wanted to do was become a rock star. When I decided to get into making and recording music digitally, the first thing I did was hop on one of my devices and start Googling.  Here are some of the spots that  I remember off hand as of today that got me going to where I am now:

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce – I stumbled across one of his videos one day looking for recording info.  He helped me learn of REAPER as a DAW to start out with.  I continue to watch is videos although his videos aren’t so much about recording.  He still provides great input.

Viking Guitar – His videos were some of the very first ones I watched when specifically looking for recording in REAPER.

REAPER The REAPER Blog, REAPER Forums, and REAPER Videos are all EXCELLENT resources for recording and using REAPER.  I have donated to Jon from The REAPER Blog as I got into watching his videos first.  Kenny Gioia makes great tutorials as well (which are referenced on the REAPER website). I have become to love this DAW because of these resources.

The Recording Revolution – I cannot express how awesome Graham Cochrane is as a teacher and an all around human being.  I came across his video within the past 2 weeks and I have watched well over 100 of them.  His videos go back about 5 years on YouTube and his 5 Minutes to a Better Mix series are great and to the point.  Not only does Graham provide you excellent mixing and recording tips, he supplies you (or me at least) with a mindset that is beyond no other. I will defiantly be applying the skills he has taught me to my mixes on a consistent basis.

Home Studio Corner – Joe Gilder became an excellent resource to me because of an email I got from Graham at The Recording Revolution inviting me to a free live webinar event.  It was for celebrating the third birthday for one of their projects called Dueling Mixes.  I gained some excellent insight from the event.

Both Joe and Graham offer many paid resources and from the testimonials seem to be a wise investment but for me right now, that is not going to happen.  I would love to do them all but I pretty much have a budget of $0 to work with.

Recording Studio Rockstars – Here is another example of a chain reaction.  I heard about Lij Shaw from an email that Joe Gilder sent me.  I hopped onto this blog and listened to some of the podcasts just this week. – Last one…for now. If you may have guessed it, this site was thanks to Lij Shaw for interviewing Björgvin Benediktsson on his podcast.  I am starting to get some great content from him now as well.

All in all, YouTube is a great resource for gaining some visual, live action content.  It helps me tremendously.  Although, you should always go to the source (i.e. the main website/blog) for the source material.  With all of the blogs I have posted here, I have signed up for their email newsletters.  It is usually the first point of contact from the creators and sometimes offers you info that you may not find in the videos alone.  But wait, there’s more! Signing up gave me free E-Books for various topics in the recording world. SO MUCH INFO!!  Now comes my next step of putting it to use. Hope some of this helps you as much as it did for me.

-The Saga


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