My First Recording Project

Back in July or August of this year, my buddy came to me with an idea of doing some basic recordings of guitar solos for YouTube.  He saw a people on the web doing this and he figured he would give it a shot to possibly give him some exposure.  What he wanted me to do was record some MIDI drums as part of the backing tracks.  I know, I’m back to recording drum parts again but this is helping me get to my goal of mixing a full track.  He also needed me to record his guitars and video record him as well.  I was all for it but we had to do with what I had as far as gear.

I had a prime opportunity to get some of the recording done one Saturday night in August.  My wife went out of town with my son so they were out of the picture.  I had my little girl who was 15 months old at the time but she sleeps like a champ.  I put her down for bed around 8 pm and we went to “the studio” to begin recording.  Our first project was going to be AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long solo section.  I had pre-recorded the drum tracks since we discussed this prior to this date.  That helped save some time.  Today was for recording the guitars and bass.  We were going to record everything direct so no microphones were needed (which was good because I didn’t have any). I will say that this wasn’t the first time I recorded guitars direct.  A few months prior I recorded him as part of my Locust Spawning project.  We needed just the direct input tracks to be sent off to our other band mate doing the mixing.  All I did was plugged him in, adjusted the gain and hit record.  I don’t know how well those parts were recorded as a whole but they sounded OK at the time.  I did something similar this time around although we played a little bit with some amp sim plugins.  At this time of recording I was still not educated on the recording techniques.  I made sure it wasn’t clipping but I could have been recording “too hot” as I have recently come to find out is not the greatest practice in the digital world.

Due to the fact that my friend is a professional in his craft, we were able to lay down the bass, rhythm and solo tracks in just a few takes.  I did some rough level adjustments to somewhat blend it all together and rendered a copy of the track.  On this night we also worked on laying down the solo section of Guns N Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine but only got the backing track finished because a wah pedal was left behind.

At this point I have 30 seconds of drums, bass and 2 guitars to play with on the AC/DC track.  I don’t have vocals to mix with but this is better than nothing.  Time to play!


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