Acoustic Room Treatment

I watched a YouTube video yesterday from Graham Cochran at The Recording Revolution.  It was older but still relevant.  It was about treating your room for better acoustics.  He mentioned that he used or uses Auralex for his acoustical treatment needs.  The cool thing is that he mentioned a free room analysis from them.  I was intrigued so I checked it out today.  What I had to do was sketch out my room and give dimensions and whatever info you could for them to analyze.  I followed their suggestion of using the Autodesk Homestyler to diagram it out.  I have a very odd shaped room for my studio needs.  My basement is all crazy so it was fun building a floor plan.


I provided them with some pictures and descriptions of things currently on the wall like some built in shelving and cabinets.  I wish I just had a spare bedroom to work in that was somewhat square but the life of having a home studio is you have to fit it in your home.  I will see what they come back with and how or when I can implement the solution.


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