Welcome to Saga Sound Studios!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Saga Sound Studios.  Let me get started by telling you a little background about myself.  My name is Frank “The Saga” Arena. I entered the life of playing music starting in the fifth grade.  I began playing the snare drum in beginners band at Waterbury Elementary School in Roselle, Illinois.  It would be amazing what could have happened if I chose to play the saxophone like I originally wanted!  I played percussion in the school concert bands all the way into High School.  During this time I was getting into all sorts of music from The Beatles to Metallica and everything in-between. The summer after the 8th grade is when I got my first drum set.  It was a Royce 5 piece and I couldn’t wait to start playing.  I set it up in my bedroom, popped in a cassette of Nirvana’s Nevermind into my boombox and started to learn how to play.  I played along with many albums over time and eventually started to play songs with the guys across the street from me.  We formed a band called The Eighth Day and eventually played a show with the infamous Douglas brothers in the garage.  Being a bit too “metal” for the band, I decided to break free and do some vocals/screaming with the Douglas’ in an original band called Warped. That band eventually dismembered and formed the band Locust Spawning.  That band played all around, recorded a 5 song demo in a studio, won multiple Battle of the Bands competitions and more until we had to split up due to my family relocating out of state after I got out of High School.  It was a sad day since who knows where we could have been if we never moved away.  

At this point in time is where my music playing slowed drastically.  I was in a new state with new people.  I did join a band that I picked up the bass for.  That lasted only a short while.  I ended up moving “back home” (as we like to call it) and left all my gear with my brother.  Lastly I had an opportunity to play drums again so I had my drum kit shipped to me so I could play again.  Once again, it only lasted so long before it ended.

At this point, I was getting engaged to my future (and current) wife. The drums sat in a closet to the dreaded point of me selling them for cash.  It was a sad day for me because a few shot years later I got out of the apartment/condo life and moved into a house with a basement where they would have came in handy.

Long story short (too late!), I have been married for almost 10 years, I have 2 kids (3 and 1 year old) and a dog.  I need music in my life once again and since playing out and practicing with buddies really isn’t in my schedule anymore, I turned to the engineering aspect of it.  It seemed to mix a couple of my loves of technology and music into one package.  I would sill be able to be creative but in a slightly different way.  I could also potentially work with old band mates and friends that still play music but help out in a different way. Who knows where this will take me and what I will end up doing with it.  My hope is to gain knowledge from DOING the work and possibly you or whomever wants to join me on my journey.

I look forward to the future and what it holds.

-The Saga


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